P3 Privacy

Photo Privacy Use Cases

Messaging Apps

Photo sharing is one of the most heavily used features in chat and messaging apps. In addition to text, people want to send emojis, audio/video clips, and also share photos and selfies. P3 image processing allows users to add a expiration date/time to any photo from their library and share it safely with friends.

Professional Photography + Image Copyright Protection

Pros often share preview images for edit/selection with their clients. Rather than resorting to watermarks and low-res thumbnails, photographers that are concerned with image copyright violations or photo piracy can protect JPEG photos with P3 photo protection and a kill-switch.

Social Media + Dating Apps

Sharing photos and selfies is a major part of the social media and online dating experience. Users can protect and control who has access to their photos, regardless of what sharing platform or dating app they use. Since P3 protection is embedded in the photo itself (and not dependent on the platform), users can turn off photo access at any time or set custom expiration controls. Your protected photos will 'disappear' on-demand.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personal privacy concerns about who might have unauthorized access to your identity information require a secure method to revoke access or "kill" any stolen or compromised instances of image records that capture your driver's license, government ID card, and passport information. P3 image protection empowers users to take control of identity records and ID scans.

Medical Health Images + Records

Medical Image scans or patient records must be protected from unauthorized access/use under current HIPAA regulations. P3 image protection enables healthcare providers, HMOs, medical test facilities, doctors, and patients to ensure access control of medical images is preserved.

Digital Certificate

Security companies who provide digital certificates or manage private/public key hosted platforms and Identity management vendors play a major role in protecting digital assets and encrypted materials. These solution providers can deliver added value to their clients by integrating P3 image protection offerings to their current suite of services.

Smartphone and Camera Device Manufacturers

Image quality and rapid photo capture process & workflow are a few of the key attributes device manufacturers seek to differentiate their product offerings. With the increased need to add more features into a compact device footprint, what about image protection against copyright infringement or theft ? P3 photo processing can be integrated into devices as part of the capture workflow to ensure all photos are protected.

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